The Main Types Of Psychic Readers You Can Go To

If you're curious about visiting a psychic reader, you'll likely want to learn about the different types who offer their services. Psychic readers break up into two primary groups: those who act as the instrument for picking up signals, such as clairvoyants and mediums, and those who have been trained to read signals in different media, such as tarot card readers and astrologers.


A clairvoyant is the type of psychic reader we typically think of based on Hollywood's depictions. The idea is that certain energies work through the reader and can be picked up or that the reader has a sixth sense that allows them to see the world differently. This can cover everything from predicting the future to recalling the past.

Some clairvoyants are comfortable offering their services online or over the phone. Others may prefer to have direct contact with the client.


Mediums are similar to clairvoyants but differ in the sense that they merely act as a conduit for transmitting information. A client who might want to directly talk with a deceased loved one, for example, would likely want to go to a medium. Mediums do typically advise their clients, however, that they may not pick up on the precise spirit they're looking for.

Tarot Card Readers

One of the most time-honored forms of psychic reading is the use of tarot cards. One advantage of tarot versus some other methods is that it is intended to be highly specific. If someone wants input, for example, about whether they might want to marry the person they're dating, then a tarot card reading may be the way to go. Notably, tarot card readings are premised on the idea that a particular future is only predictable so long as the client doesn't change anything in their situation.


Among the oldest forms of psychic reading is astrology. Generalized predictions from astrology are published daily in newspapers and on websites. You can, in fact, use your own software for handling astrological predictions. This makes the field a bit more accessible for the layperson than other kinds of psychic readings.

The notion underpinning astrology is that the positioning of different bodies in the sky influences life on earth. This includes both the present positions of the stars, planets, and moon along with where they were at a number of key dates, such as when a specific person was born.

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