What You Need to Know About Choosing Your Own Grave Marker

Headstones are beautiful symbols of lives that were lived to the fullest and loves that were held strongest throughout a lifetime. They don't have to merely state a name, date of birth, date of death, and other basic information. If you make your own final plans and choose your own grave marker, you can rest assured that you will be represented in the manner that you prefer on this important symbol that will likely be honored by current and future generations.

Materials and Colors

One of the most basic initial considerations that you have on your plate when selecting your own headstone is the type of materials you prefer for its construction. The two most common types of materials for grave markers are granite or bronze. Both materials are durable and created to withstand all weather conditions.

Depending on the gravestone you choose, possible colors for these materials to create the gravestone may include:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Mahogany
  • Blue

Types and Styles

When you are choosing a grave stone, you need to take into consideration which cemetery you have chosen as your final resting place. Some cemeteries allow people to choose any type of grave marker that they desire, while others have shape, size, length, or type limitations. Decide which type of grave marker you truly want. The most popular types include:

  • Monuments – These are upright headstones and may range from small to very large.
  • Slant markers - They rise above the ground on one side and provide a slope-type shape on the surface.
  • Flat markers – These markers lie flat and are sometimes referred to as grass markers.

Special Embellishments and Options

One thing that many people don't know is that your grave markers can now be personalized just about any way you want them. Do you have a favorite photograph that showed you at your most beautiful? You can now have that on your headstone. Here are other embellishments and options you may choose for the gravestone:

  • Collage – Not only can you have a photograph on the headstone, but you may also choose to make a collage of all your favorite photos to include on large gravestones.
  • Favorite Quote – You don't have to go for a Bible verse that represents your life. Instead, you can include a quote on a gravestone that best represents who you are and what your life was all about. In fact, you may even inject humor into it or include an original quote of your own.
  • Shapes – If you love hearts, diamonds, or other shape, you can include imprints of shapes on many grave stones. The shapes may outline the quote or information about your life.

Finally, while you are trying to make the best choice among grave markers, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Trust your own instincts and preferences, and go with the headstone that best suits who you are and what you love. You can't go wrong if you choose what you truly want. Once you do, you can let go of that pressure and go ahead with enjoying your life with one less worry for you and your loved ones. Consider looking into a local specialist, such as Palmer Bros Granite Co., to help you design your grave marker.