Common Questions about Keeping Old Books in Good Condition

There are many people that enjoy collecting old and antique books. However, if this is a new hobby, you may not fully understand what is needed to keep these items safe. Improperly storing a book can quickly cause major damage to it. After having the following couple of questions about storing these books answered, you should have better success keeping these collectibles safe from routine causes of damage. 

How Does Dust Damage Books?

Preventing dust from accumulating on your books is a task that you will have to constantly do. Unfortunately, there are some people that underestimate this type of care, and this can cause them to go extended periods of time without dusting their books. Yet, it should be noted that excessive amounts of dust on your books can lead to some severe damage to your books. 

The dust will form a layer that is perfectly suited to allowing mold and mildew. These substances will discolor and decompose the book, and once this damage has occurred, there is no simple way to repair it. To prevent this issue, you should dust your book collection at least once a month. When dusting, make sure to open your books to remove dust that may be accumulating on the interior. 

Should You Wrap the Book in Plastic?

A common technique some people will use to try to keep the books safe is to wrap their books in a layer of plastic. While this will minimize the risk of damage from dust, insects, and many other threats, it is typically not advised. Humidity and temperature changes can cause condensation to form on the interior of the plastic. This can rapidly ruin your books, but this does not mean that it is impossible to use a protective cover for your book. 

Rather, you will need to use a cover made of cloth or other breathable materials. These will allow any moisture between the cover and the book to be vented before it can form condensation. If you do not like the idea of using a cloth cover, there are some materials that resemble plastic but are designed to allow air and moisture to pass through it. 

Ensuring your books are safe from common forms of damage is essential for keeping your collection in good condition. By understanding the importance of dusting on a regular basis and avoiding wrapping the books in plastic, you should be better able to keep these items safe from some of the more common forms of damage that can ruin them. Take a look at for protective examples.