5 Ways To Improve Quality Of Life For The Elderly

Old age is a fact of life, but it doesn't need to detract from life's great experiences. It's possible for senior citizens to retain their independence and lead joyful, fulfilling lives. Here are five ways to improve the quality of life for senior citizens:

1. An Active Social Life

As people grow older, their friends may start to fall ill or pass away; without the routine of jobs and work, it can be more challenging to have a social life. Helping the senior citizen in your life sign up for group activities is one way to ensure that they stay active and make friends. Clubs can be a great place for senior citizens to make friends, which will in turn result in a better quality of life.

2. Pets

Pets can greatly enhance an elderly person's life. According to Caring.com, pets may help to provide a sense of purpose to senior citizens. After all, pets need to be groomed, fed, and loved on a daily basis. This routine of chores can help seniors feel needed. Pets can also be a calming source of unconditional love and support. Older pets, in particular, make good companions for seniors, as they are not as high energy as younger animals.

3. Adequate Medical Care

While good health isn't the ultimate determining factor of quality of life, it does have some effect. In order to live their best possible life, senior citizens must receive adequate medical care. This means treatment for existing medical conditions as well as good preventative medicine. Being as pain-free as possible means that seniors are more able to enjoy activities and day-to-day moments. Pain and illness shouldn't have to detract from life's happy experiences.

4. Independence

Like any adult, senior citizens crave mobility and independence. Unfortunately, as people age, they sometimes can't care for themselves alone. For elderly people who are no longer able to live entirely unassisted, assisted living is a fine alternative to an elderly home. Assisted living provides help and support when needed but allows seniors to keep as much freedom as possible. This, in turn, can greatly improve their state of mind and quality of life.

5. Physical Activities

While many senior citizens can't exactly run a marathon, most of them can participate in some form of physical activity. Short walks every day or water aerobics are two low-impact forms of exercise that help to keep elderly bodies in good working order. Exercise is an important part of good health which can help in disease prevention. Regular exercise also increases endorphin production, the brain's "happy chemical," which can stave off depression and anxiety.

It's possible to live a full, engaging life at any age. These tips are just five examples of easy changes that can be made to improve an elderly person's quality of life. Contact a facility like United Methodist Village for more information about assisted living and elderly communities.